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Liontek Power Rack Commercial Grade with Pulley System

$900.00 $700.00
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Liontek Power Rack Commercial Grade with Tricep Rope, J-Cups, Safety Arms, Stationary Pull Up Bar, Landmine, Barbell Holder & Straight Bar With 1000lb Capacity
  • Twin Support Braces: This Makes this power cage strong and sturdy. The lower brace also acts as a feet support. Pulley system holds upto 330 lbs. Rope is 250 cm long with a silent pulley wheel. 


  • Standard Sized 1" Holes & Max Workout Space: Makes your squat rack compatible with standard-sized attachments such as J hooks, Dip bars, , Our ELEVATED support brace means more workout space and nothing to trip over. Get an extra foot of space for your bench.


  • Multi-grip & Reversible Pull-up Bar: Wide grip, narrow grip, hammer grip pullups are all available with this power cage. Can be reversed to lower the height of the cage. This is important if you have a lower ceiling.


  • Solid Steel Long Safety Arms: Made of commercial thick steel, other companies provide hollow tubes, not us. Have peace of mind knowing that our safety arms are solid steel rods, designed to handle heavyweight.


  • Includes barbell holder, landmine, straight bar, pulley system, j-cups, safety bars and dip bars
  • 1 Year Warranty.