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Heavy-Duty Cast Iron & Rubber Coated Pair of Weight Plates for 2-inch Barbells – 2 Plates/55 LBS with 3 Hand Grips

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  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORKOUT: These weight plates come in 2 Weight  Plates 55 LBS. whether you are using it for weight plate carries, shrugs or other movements, these weights can be interchanged to fit your standard 2-inch Olympic bars.


  • LABELED FOR EASY RECOGNITION: Our grip plates are labeled in LBS and KGS for easy recognition. Get them in 2 or 6-plate sets.


  • SAFE AND EASY HANDLING: The 3-hole grip design with strips makes carrying these weights easy and efficient. You can do weightlifting exercise with a single plate as well.


  • SOLID AND DURABLE CAST IRON: These weight plates are made of heavy-duty cast iron to ensure a durable, reliable weight that will last through grueling workouts.


  • RUBBER COATED: Our weight plates are rubber coated to protect your floors from damage.