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20 kg Premium Rubber Coated Cast Iron Kettlebells

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  • 20 KG KETTLEBELL. These rubber coated cast iron kettlebells are the ideal solution to your whole body fitness routine. Kettlebells make doing strength and cardio in 1 workout simply and easy.
  • VERSATILE-Perform a wide variety of kettlebell exercises including swings, front squats, twists, rows,shoulder presses and more.
  • RUBBER COATING- Our kettlebells are made from cast iron and coated in rubber to give it that soft touch. With the rubber coating you get the extra bit of protection for your floors and your kettlebells.
  • FLAT BOTTOMS- Are kettlebells are designed so that when you place then on the floor they do not roll.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- Leave the sweating for your training! You will never forget the satisfactory smile on your face after trying our Amazing Kettlebells in your daily workout and training.